If you have questions, you will likely find the answers for them on this page. To save both My time and yours, read this page in it's entirety.

What are your boundaries?
Absolutely no sex and sexual activities
Adult baby scenes
Brown showers

Competitive wrestling scenes

Requests for nudity or partial nudity
Sensual anal/strap on play
Scripted scenes

What is your availability?
I take appointments Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm.

How do I book a session with you?
Due to high volume of inquiries it can take 1-2 weeks to schedule an appointment. At the very least I require  72 hours notice for new submissives and 48 hours notice for those who have served Me before. New submissives must fill out the questionnaire on My Submit page, which will give Me a chance to learn more about your desires and allow Me to see if we are a good match. 

Can I make a same day appointment?

Do you have a late/cancellation policy?
If you are late, I expect to be compensated for our scheduled time in its entirety.

If you sent me a deposit, entire deposit is forfeit if you cancel. 

For returning clients who did not put down a deposit, sessions 1-3 hrs in length have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, I will require 50% of the session tribute as well as an additional non-refundable deposit (which will be applied towards the session tribute) for the next session that you book, no exceptions.

For sessions 3.5+ hours I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. I will keep your deposit in it's entirety, and the next session you book will require a non-refundable deposit.

I understand that things can come up that can't be helped, but cancellations affect not just Me but also  the other people that I share space with.

Are overnight and multi-day sessions available?
Yes, overnight and multi-day sessions are available to those who have served Me before. There will be a hefty deposit and a 72hr cancellation policy.

Can you come to me?
Yes, but only at 4+ star establishments. I do not take chances with my safety, so if you are not able to give me two provider references I will require a deposit and one of the following:

Work Reference: This is an option if you are employed by a major company. Please send Me your real full name, your job title, and a main line that I can use to reach you at work via either a live secretary or an automated voice system. Include any extensions I may need to know when calling. When I call, I will be incredibly discreet; if there is a specific group or company you would like Me to say I am calling from, please let me know and I will gladly do so. Ideally you will also include your company's website which lists your name, contact info, photo and position.

Personal Reference: If you cannot provide Me with a work reference, you may send me the following: a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport; a scan of 2 pieces of mail registered to your name and address; and a clear snapshot of your face. I will delete all information sent to Me once we have met.

Do you do phone/distance domination sessions?
Yes. Fill out the questionnaire on my Submit page and indicate that you are interested in a phone or distance domination session. 

Can I be your personal slave?
Taking on a personal slave is not something I take lightly. It requires hard work, selfless service and other forms of service where you will need to be in a certain tax bracket to participate in. I do not engage with freeloaders.

Can I bring you a gift?
Though not necessary, I love receiving thoughtful gifts. I have a penchant for books, luxury lingerie and high end shoes. Take a look at my Spoil page to find out more about what I like.

Do you play with novices?
Yes, I love exploring with submissives new to BDSM!

What is your ideal submissive?
Someone who is courteous, has taken the time to read my website and follows my instructions. I expect all My submissives to be mentally and physically prepared for our session. Cleanliness and good hygiene is also extremely important to Me. 

What is your favorite activity?

What I enjoy above all else is a great energy exchange. That to Me is more important than specific activities. I have had wonderful sessions involving a range of activities, anywhere from light BDSM to intense corporal sessions.